Square-Enix RESETS, Helldivers 2 Drama, Consoles vs. PC | CTRL+STREAM+DEL Livestream #03

15 days ago

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Gaming News + Gameplay LIVE on Clownfish Gaming. This episode we talk about Square-Enix deciding to pivot, Palworld getting attacked again, the END of the console wars, Helldivers 2 and more. Gameplay is Vampire Survivors x Contra DLC.

00:00 Gaming news, gameplay, technical issues with the livestream, avatars

11:43 Square Enix is shifting to multiplatform strategy, focusing on live service games and digital sales, while also discussing the affordability and capability of mid-range compact gaming PCs.

19:08 Discusses the preference for PC gaming over consoles, the upcoming Demon Slayer Mario Party game, and the frustration over Hell Divers 2 being delisted from 177 countries due to PSN issues.

26:14 Star Wars content added to Hell Divers, concerns about ads in AAA games, Xbox and vampire Harvest Moon game discussed, controversy over Marvel Rivals contract and Disney influencers facing restrictions

36:28 Game Pass needs big titles like Call of Duty or GTA 6 to survive, while indie games threaten AAA gaming and console wars reignite, but people should focus on enjoying games instead of fueling hate campaigns.

47:40 The console wars are over, kids are playing PC games like Among Us and Fortnite, buy a $400 mini gaming PC to play every game ever made, upcoming Castlevania vampire survivors crossover discussed.

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