The Israel-Hamas Conflict with Breitbart's Joel Pollak

1 month ago

The events of October 7 shocked the world, and what has happened since is even more shocking. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is gradually expanding, and every day the risks of an even wider conflict increase.

The United States is deeply divided over the conflict, with a faction supporting Israel’s action, another supporting Hamas, and another supporting Israel’s self-defense as long as innocent Palestinians aren’t injured. The Biden administration is sending mixed messages, contributing to the escalation.

Joel Pollak has been covering the Israel-Hamas conflict for Breitbart from the beginning, and he has visited Israel several times since October 7. He’ll join EmpowerU to share his insights about the conflict, including its underlying causes, its expansion, the mainstream news coverage of the conflict, the trajectory the conflict seems to be taking, the Biden administration’s handling of the conflict, and what an effective solution will look like.

Hear the facts straight from the source as EmpowerU Podcast Host Jerry Thomas talks with Joel Pollak- one who has been to Israel multiple times since the conflict started.

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