2-year-old Boy Cries to Hold a Giant Starfish: See What He will Do to This Amazing Sea Creature

Published April 20, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble He insisted that he will hold the giant starfish. When he held it in his hands, he started walking away.

In this video, Michael, a two year old boy, was island hopping in Tondol Beach, Anda Pangasinan, Philippines. In shallow waters in one of the islands, visitors will find many starfish around. They differ in color. Some are dirty which, some are pinkish and some are orange.

Giant starfishes has spikes. It is not as sharp as it looks in the video. Thus, one may hold it without getting hurt.

Michael went straight towards the sea and released the starfish into the water. Then he paused for few seconds. We wondered what he wanted to do next. He grabbed the giant starfish again and continued walking towards the deeper part where another starfish was. He did released it right next to it.

He felt happy with what he did. Indeed, this amazing creature belongs there. Michael's sister just wanted to see how the starfish will walk on beach that is why she got it to the shore. But, Michael does not want it that way.


  • EmotionsofAfrica, 1 year ago

    Ha ha that's such a cute video! Adamant to find the starfish a friend. Good work indeed

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