MOVE With Greater STRENGTH Than 99% Of People

8 days ago

Free Training & Complimentary Coaching Session

Welcome to training fellow Pac-Rimian! My name is Lee Weiland, Co-Founder & CEO of Pacific Rim Athletics, LLC and Creator of "Powerbatics."

Our mission is to help people of all ages, levels, and backgrounds achieve Total Body Mastery through Powerbatics Training.

And me and my Team of Doctorate Physical Therapists and Elite Athletes/Coaches have helped 1000's of people do just that.

And you can hear from countless students (ages 3 to 83 featured in all of our videos) who've trained from scratch and through past injuries to become highly advanced...

Gaining Press Handstands, 1 Arm Pullups, and Human Flags just to name a few...not to mention incredible Powerbatics' skills...

While radically transforming their bodies and minds for the better.

We believe 1:1 Coaching (face-to-face and online) when combined with Positive Community guarantees the very best of safe, effective outcomes.

To that end, we ONLY offer FREE order to inspire you to become a stronger version of yourself (and not to be confused with real, transformative coaching).

If you would value further information--and transformation--we suggest opting-in for our Free Training and then booking a Complimentary Coaching Session to do a deep-dive on your current situation and goals.


I look forward to everything you're going to achieve!

Coach Lee

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