Bijan Robinson Talks His Rookie Year + His Workload Throughout The Season

8 days ago

Recorded: May 9th 2024 | We jave another bonus episode for the boys. While the guys were down in Atlanta they had to the opportunity to sit down with stud running back, Bijan Robinson. Everyone knows how electric Bijan is as a player and he talks gets into what his rookie season was like and how he adjusted to the NFL game. There was a lot of controversy during the middle of the season as to why Bijan wasn't getting as many touches and not being utilized in the right. Will and Taylor asked Bijan how he felt about his playing time and if felt like he was being used in the best way possible. After this interview, you will find it hard to not like Bijan as he just comes as such a good dude. Enjoy fellas


0:00 Michigan RBs vs Texas RBs
3:33 Recruiting Journey
6:26 The Negative Side Of NIL
8:55 The Relationships With Coaches
10:36 His Rookie Year
13:36 Biggest Difference In The NFL vs College
16:04 John Wick Or Jason Bourne
17:02 When Did He Know He Belonged In The League
18:27 Arthur Smith And Bijan’s Workload
23:06 Expectations For Year 2
25:26 Reaction To Signing Kirk Cousins
27:36 Bijan Mustard
31:52 His Love For Video Games
35:18 The Atlanta Offensive Line
36:09 Tier Talk
47:56 Dealing With Adversity

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