Refreshing turmeric, ginger, lemon, honey drink - naturally carbonated

8 days ago

This is one of the ways I like to use up some of the turmeric and ginger that I grow.

The flavour of the turmeric is distinctive, but pleasant and works really well with the tangy citrus and sweetness from the honey and sugar. And of course, turmeric is meant to be really good for you... so, win right there, right?

The addition of a little bit of yeast and storing in airtight bottles to ferment gives a nice fizz to the drink.

Be sure to use strong brewing bottles for this. In summer, the fermentation can happen quite quickly and build up a lot of pressure. You should check the bottles daily after 2 or so days to look for signs of bubbles. Shine a torch through the bottle to look for bubbles. Once you see bubbles, I open one to try. If it needs longer, I leave the others and try again in a day or two. If it's ready, I put all the others into the fridge, which stops the fermentation, and leave them there to use when ready.

If you leave the ferment for too long, you can get some impressive fountain action, but it's a waste of most of the tasty beverage and all the work you put into making it.

But when you get it right, it's a really good drink. Enjoy over ice as is... or spice things up a bit with some vodka, rum, or gin.

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