Ultimate Tasting Challenge: More Challenging than Bean Boozled or Super Hot Noodles Challenge

Published April 19, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Have you watched or tried the bean boozled tasting challenge or super hot noodles challenge or super sour for challenge? Try chewing betel and you will conclude that all the other challenges are not as challenging as this.

Toots teens kids are up to the challenge of trying the betel for the first time. They were curious to know how this taste like after they heard someone say that Igorots are like vampires. Igorots refer to a tribal group in the Northern part of the Philippines. Toots teens kids are Igorots. Although they were born and raised in the city, they frequently visit the village where their mother came from.

It is not uncommon that Igorots are subjected to ridicule, senseless comments and being discriminated upon. People usually think of Igorots as barbarians, uncivilized and whatever there is to degrade the reputation of these tribe. The latest we have heard - Igorots are like vampires! They are like Dracula. Whoa?! What is the basis of this? Fake News!!!

Igorots have black-tainted teeth and their tongue, gums and mouth are red - just like a dracula who had just feasted on its prey? This traits are caused by chewing betel. Until today, many Igorots, young and old are chewing betel. Traditionally, this is used as a way of keeping social connection or social interaction. They chew betel nut as they gather around, chat and spend moments together. Sometimes, a neighbor will visit his neighbor purposely to ask for one of the ingredients and they will be chatting while enjoying their betel. When they chance upon each other in a trail, up the mountains, fields, or anywhere - they pause for a chat and share their betel nuts, lime and betel leaf.

There are other uses of betel for the community people. Betel leaf and betel nut have medicinal values. Lime, on the other hand, is prepared by burning river univalve shells. It is rich in calcium. Despite all these benefits, it must be noted that chewing betel has health hazards and thus, it must not be used frequently.

Toots teens kids credited this activity as their homeschooling project in Science because our topic is about chemicals. Some chemical reactions are observable in this traditional activity of Igorots - Chewing betel. In addition, they also credited it as their project in Philippine History - knowing their roots and understanding it better. They were proud Igorots and they wanted to know more.

Dare to chew betel and tell us how was the experience.
Warning! For toots teens kids, this is their Ultimate Challenge in tasting something - they have tried bean boozled but it is not as thrilling as this!

The tobacco is an optional ingredient - toots teens did not use it because of its nicotine content.


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