Ashley Biden 'Singing Like a Canary' in Elite Pedophile Investigation

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28 days ago

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Three years ago, Klaus Schwab bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders had seized total control over global politics and entertainment and were set to achieve total dominance over the human race by the year 2030.

Unfortunately for Schwab and his dystopian vision of open air prisons, reduced populations, and the decriminalization of pedophilia, the last three years have not gone to plan.

In fact, they have been a disaster for the globalists. The people of the world are slowly but surely waking up to the truth and according to investigators the elite pedophile ring operating in Washington D.C. is about to be exposed.

The elite pedophile ring operating in Washington D.C. and Hollywood is about to go down, according to an investigator who reveals Ashley Biden and Melinda Gates are “singing like canaries” in the high-stakes investigation that is set to shock the world.

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