We've NEVER toured anything like this before!

9 days ago

This week, we're in the Hollywood Hills, checking out this crazy house set over four levels (more if you count the garage and decks). Considering its location and size, you'll be surprised by the price, fit and finish.

Listed by Richard Cunningham, KW Advisors
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00:00 - Introduction
00:54 - Adam's tour of the first deck
01:32 - Technical difficulties with the lift
02:23 - ADU
03:51 - Trying out the elevator
04:21 - Master suite
04:52 - My new collaboration watch
05:37 - The practicalities of this room
06:06 - Closet
06:35 - Balcony to guest bedroom
07:33 - Michael struggles with the elevator
08:31 - Kitchen
09:03 - Dining area
09:20 - Lounge
10:08 - Third level view
10:28 - Powder room
11:08 - Entertainment level
11:46 - Pool, waterfall and landscaping
13:22 - Adam tours the top deck
14:40 - Sneaking up on Michael
15:41 - Main deck

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