2 Minutes Flower Arrangement Challenge: Boy Made One that Melted His Mom's Heart On Mother's Day

Published April 19, 2018 1,471 Views

Rumble Boys are not interested in learning how to arrange flowers? Not this boy. He was enjoying what he was doing and he challenged himself to arrange the flowers in a short time - two minutes.

Homeschooling boy, 12 years old at the time this video was taken, was up for the challenge of gathering flowers and leaves from their garden and arrange it for mother's day. He picked birds of paradise, carnation, roses and some leaves. His mom's heart melted with seeing his output placed carefully at her working table.

What a nice gift for mom not only for mother's day but also for other occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and other parties or events.

Boys may show disinterest in arranging flowers but should they not? Well, practically speaking, men spend for flowers as gifts during their lifetime. It would be economical if they know how to arrange flowers.

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