This Jealous Dog Refuses To Let His Owner Pet The Cat

Published April 19, 2018 59,239 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHave you heard the story of the jealous dog? Frankly, neither have we, although some breeds are actually famous for their jealous reactions. Some of those dogs won’t even let you pet a stuffed animal on a shelf somewhere, let alone another animal! Aren’t they enough for you? Well this is one such dog.

This Aussie Shepherd mix dog was out with his owner in a restaurant, where they kept a feral cat as a pet. The cat knows that the folks that frequent this establishment are known to drop a morsel or two that eventually end up in his belly. She is grateful for the offerings, but in the end, she is just like any other cat - you may look, but you may not touch!

Still, when a person sees a cat that just sits there on the window sill, naturally they would like to pet it. But this dog absolutely refuses to let his owner reach for the cat, let alone touch and pet it! How dare he?

Now, we get it that the man is just teasing his pet companion, knowing how he feels about it. After all, it is just a little game they like to play, so why not? Still, the poor pooch would much rather have that hand smell of himself and himself only, and not some pesky feline that eats scraps off the floor.

What we really love in this entire video is how satisfied the pup is when the cat gives a clear statement of not giving a damn by getting up and leaving. It’s like “see, human, she doesn’t love you like I do!” So sweet!