What is this? Starfish Tube Feet Exposed: Amazing Sea Creature

Published April 19, 2018 3,149 Views

Rumble You may have seen a giant starfish but have you seen how it moves?

It was not our first time to see a starfish. We have seen these amazing creatures before in Manila Ocean Park. They lazily lay down on a sand inside a glass box where the level of the water was about one foot deep. Encountering these creature in their natural habitat however, is a totally different experience.

In one of our family fun travel in Anda, Pangasinan, Philippines, we saw lots of giant starfish on shallow waters. We picked up one and observed how it moves. For few seconds, there was no movement. Then, when it started to open and extend those tiny pink extensions, we watched in excitement! For the first time, we have seen these tiny structures extending out like a thousand tentacles. Because of sheer ignorance, we thought these are tentacles until we reached home and consulted Mr. Google.

These are its tube feet. Starfish moves using its hundreds, maybe thousands tube feet. Do you know how many tube feet it has?

Starfish are not the only creatures with tube feet. Urchins have it too. Do you know another animal that has tube feet? Comment below :)

We have taken footages of urchins and sea cucumber and we will be posting it soon, so stay posted! Plus a close encounter with another specie of star fish - surely, all are exciting to see and watch!