"Baby Girl Loves Noisy Candy"

Published April 19, 2018 249 Plays

Rumble "How doesn’t like candy? What’s there not to love? Those little amazing creatures that we call by the name babies, sure love all kinds of candy. It’s safe to say that those little humans are the biggest fans of candy in the world! And if you think that babies love candy just because of the sweet taste, you are not quite right! This video is here to show you all the delightful ways to have fun with candy! Enjoy! We all know that, when it comes to discovering the world around them, babies are just the cutest are just the cutest. And the little baby girl from this video is here just to give you an adorable example of that theory. She’s got a box of candy in both of her hands and she’s shaking them as if they were two maracas! This baby girl is loving the noisy candy sound so much that she can’t help but toss her head back and smile widely! Oh, how adorable is she! So priceless!"