"Cute Dog Steals the Spotlight"

Published April 19, 2018 66,830 Views

Rumble "We can all agree that dogs are such amazing beings! They are so cute and funny and we love them to absolute bits! However, every dog owner will agree that their canine companions can be so unpredictable and you can never know what’s crossing their little doggy minds. Silly dogs do silly things! And did you know that some pooches even catch their own mischiefs on camera? If you have never seen a dog vlog, you absolutely have to check out this funny video! Prepare to be mind blown! This video shows a cute puppy dog playing with a shoe. He’s actually chewing on it, but that’s just how dogs like to play with shoes. A kid is filming him playing when all of a sudden, the doggy grabs his iPhone and runs away with it. OMG! Queue the doggy cam! He runs away with the phone, but he catches every second of his escape adventure on camera! Doggy stole the spotlight! Isn’t this the funniest case of a dog vlog you have ever seen?"