Skydiving in Switzerland with absolutely incredible scenery

Published April 19, 2018 57 Plays $0.06 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsThis was Tiffany's first time skydiving and she had the amazing opportunity to experience it in the beautiful town of Interlaken in Switzerland. She booked my experience through Scenic Air skydiving company who were extremely professional, safe and fun!

They climbed up to 11,000 feet overlooking Lake Thun and the Swiss alps in Interlaken. After watching 2 others scream their way off the plane she was extremely excited to jump off as well! After checking their harnesses her tandem instructor pushed them to the ledge of the plane. You’re supposed to bend your knees under the plan and look up... She looked down and her heart skipped a beat and couldn't bring herself to look upwards. Her instructor had to pull her head up before pushing them off.

Tiffany's world was turned upside down and she felt completely weightless as the ground rushed towards them. The whole experience with the view of the lake and mountains was incredible. It was a 45 second free fall before the parachute opened, her guide let her take control for a bit as they floated down towards the ground. She would definitely go again, maybe next time in New Zealand!


  • brenmichelle, 6 weeks ago

    Amazing Tiffany! Such an incredible experience!

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