Dog Challenges His Reflection In A Mirror

Published April 19, 2018 5,711 Views $3.56 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are very intelligent and adaptable creatures that, like countless others, lack the cognitive development necessary to self-recognize visually, whether in a mirror or in a video.

Sherman the Miniature Dachshund tries to make contact with his mirror reflection in this heartwarming clip. He is so confused that he chases himself around after catching a glimpse of his own <a href="" target="_blank">reflection in a mirror</a>. He fails to realize that it is his own reflection he is looking at. Too cute!

Sherman is running forwards and backwards as he struggles to shake off the apparent intruder at his home. We can see the baffled pooch staring at the mirror confusingly, unsure of what he sees in it - himself or an entirely different dog. He is looking at the mirror as if he is attempting to find the “second dog”.

He <a href="" target="_blank">barks</a> frantically at the apparition and as he gets closer to the mirror, he doesn’t venture to touch it but jumps back quickly. Sherman looks like he is afraid of this other dog. However, at one moment, he goes near the mirror and makes a contact with his muzzle but to no avail. The other friend can’t be touched and he can’t be played with so at the end of the video, Sherman slowly calms down and backs off.

We can’t help laughing at this funny dog as he isn’t able to work out that the second dog is actually his own reflection. The way he barks and starts pouncing at the mirror makes us grin from ear to ear.