How Chinese Roast the Famous Peking Duck

Published April 19, 2018 1,005 Views

Rumble You missed the best part of Beijing if you leave the city without tasting the famous roasted Peking duck or Beijing duck.

Upon an exhausting climb to the scenic spot of the amazing wall of China, the Great Wall, it would be necessary to re-energize your body with a sumptuous meal.

The restaurant shown in this video is found at the heart of Beijing which is hours drive away from the Great Wall. The good thing is, it is few steps away from the Forbidden City. This restaurant is so famous that if you want to dine their, you may have to reserve ahead of time. You may do so in a machine where you can input your desired time to dine, what are your orders and how many diners will go. Even with this reservation, you may find yourself waiting for your duck to be roasted.

We sat right in front of the grilling area. It is fueled by firewood and the heat can be felt in the area where we sat. Nonetheless, we did not mind the heat because we observed closely how they were roasting the duck.

After our order was ready, they prepared it in front of us. You see here the restaurant crew slicing the duck before our eyes. As you see in the video, even the skin is served. We never thought that it is delicious too.

Truly, roasted peking duck is a must try when you are in Beijing. And yes, contrary to what you may have been watching about food preparation in this country, they prepared it well, neat and clean.