Man Goes Sledding With Seven Happy Huskies

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDriving a dog sled is like a cross between skiing and surfing, with a little long-distance running thrown in for good measure. It looks easy: you stand on runners at the back of the sled and let the dogs do all the work. The reality is a little different. Keeping control of this mob of yapping, gaining the respect of the dogs, and prudent use of the foot brake, arguably the most important skill. Hit the brake at the right time - just before a turn - and it's smooth sailing; hit the brake at the wrong time and it's almost impossible to control the sled. Add a little ice to the mix and all bets are off.

It's fun going sledding with one Siberian Husky, but it's way more fun going sledding with seven Siberian Huskies. However, this owner decided to break the rules of sliding and do it his own way. The dogs are not in charge of the sled, but he is. They only make the experience to be more memorable. They are only responsible for the cheerful run with their master.

The huskies want to really take part in this adventurous slide but they are excluded from it. They can only hop jovially while accompanying him down the slope. After the quick slide is over, the dogs can’t decide which one to get to their owner first as they all want his company. The second slide is more exciting than the first. With a husky in his lap, the owner zooms down. The dogs follow him closely and at some point, they start arguing and barking jealously after the dog before they go on chasing each other.


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