Frozen Rain Forms Ice Sheets To Replace Car Windows

Published April 18, 2018 2,170 Views $0.60 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherA stunning video has emerged featuring a man breaking ice cover off his car window after a freezing rain hit Montreal! This amazing video is unexpectedly satisfying!

Warnings for hazardous weather and flooding were in place for Montreal, with freezing rain falling across the state, causing for ice to form. Numerous schools were closed following freezing conditions over the weekend which dropped between 0.25 and 0.50 inches of ice accumulation across Montreal.

This video shows a man sitting in the driver’s seat filming towards the car window and going all kung fu on what seems at first to be the car window. Moments later, we realize that it wasn’t a window! As the man goes attack mode on the window, smacking the glass with his hand and arm, pieces of ice scatter all over the place, and we soon realize that it is not the window glass this man is breaking!

As the hand continues to hit the ice, breaking it piece by piece, he makes enough room to roll up the window of a car to replace the formed pane of ice. You must admit that this video had you startled at first, wondering how can someone break the glass with such an ease! However, it is deeply satisfying to watch as this man hits the ice sheet causing it to shatter. It sent chills down our spine!

It is not uncommon for freezing rain to leave sheets of ice on drivers car windows. However, the way this video starts it camouflages the ice sheet, making the viewer to mistaken it for car window. The filmer unveiled the ice sheet by lowering his car window and felt a strong desire to punch through it with his bare hand. Freezing rain leaves ice sheet on car windows and makes for the most satisfying moment ever!