Dog Has Funny Ritual Before Eating Dinner

6 years ago

This video is a real proof that not only humans but dogs, too have a ritual before they start eating. Chiko, the Shiba Inu, never forgets to give thanks before eating dinner. His gratitude involves listening to a prayer before he starts eating. He knows how to honor his God and being thankful for the delicious food he gets. Because dogs are the happiest when they eat and fetch balls.

Every night before he starts eating, he does exactly the same thing. The setting includes a towel, a mat and a place similar like pedestal where his food is being served. In the background a quiet prayer can be heard and we can see the dog kneeling in front of his food. With his head between his legs, he takes a bow while listening to the prayer. He kneels motionless until he hears “Amen” and the he lifts up his head. Chiko looks straight at the camera with his squint y eyes as if he wants to say that the feast may start. He is not like other dogs that devour food greedily, instead, he is showing manners by being polite and eating slowly.

Chiko, as we can notice, is a well-trained dog and easy to like. He looks like a stuffed toy which only adds to his cuteness. He is keen and alert, independent and very clean. Chiko is unquestionably a smart dog since he knows when is the exact moment to stop praying and start eating. He must be a quick learner.

Shibas are possessive of their toys and food; it is said that if they could utter one word, it would be "Mine!"

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