Baby Laughs Contagiously During Game Of Peekaboo

Published April 18, 2018 138,776 Views $1.86 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsPeekaboo, that old standby, is still one of the best baby games ever invented and this baby proves that.He is thoroughly enjoying a hysterical game of peekaboo with grandma. That laughter is contagious. It is actually the baby who initiates <a href="" target="_blank">this game</a>. We don’t expect him to provoke its grandma like that. Though it seems the baby will fall asleep soon, suddenly he goes backward and starts laughing adorably. This game tickles baby’s sense of humor and the idea that even though he can’t see something (like grandma’s smiling face), it still exists.

This gleeful, gregarious and charismatic baby by his cheerful chuckle puts most of his efforts into stealing our hearts. Laughter and smiles transcend barriers of age, language and culture, and this baby knows this better than anyone. He doesn’t speak our language and he doesn’t share our culture but all the same, we can easily share a laugh. It is such a genuine smile that infects the grandma and everybody watching this video. He cackles heartily not only when his grandma utters loudly “peekaboo” but also whenever he bumps into her shoulder because he knows he has to hide before he reveals his face to his grandmother for another round of <a href="" target="_blank">peekaboo</a>.

The baby seems to understand this game so well and he loves playing it to humor his grandma. It gives him adult attention, it facilitates learning and it is intensely social. He sure gets that his grandma still exists, even if he can’t see her.

You can't help but smile and laugh when a baby starts laughing with you, which is really valuable for them developing their ability to interact with other people.