Get off the Losing Team - Watchmen Radio 5-11-24

2 months ago

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Real Christianity is the simplicity of the Gospel : Holiness, casting out devils, healing the sick, signs following

Stormy Daniels is a witch, listening to demons

Trump haters send curses to him, do doll spells and effigy curses. These need to be returned 7-fold per Psalm 79:12

Paul sent blindness to the warlock BarJesus in Acts 13, to protect everyone from his evil curses, per Psalm 109

Shutting down warlocks and witches is showing love for your brothers and sisters

Declare and decree Bible verses over warlocks and expect results

Those who astral project against Christians to hurt them, see a blue dome over them when they were praying

Sending angels with sharp swords to cut the silver cords witches use to astral project, kills them

Returning curses per Psalm 79:12 with a blessing so they repent and turn to Jesus Christ for salvation, shuts them down and puts them on a path for salvation

Proverbs 4:14-19 - keep following the right path, give your whole life to God, spend a half-day

Meritocracy builds up society, DEI destroys it

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