Making Sense of OUR CHILDREN in Prophetic Dreams

1 month ago

If you're a parent with multiple kids & you're serious about making sense of them in prophetic dreams, you’ll want to watch Lynmarie’s video. Today’s focus is on shedding light on this additional conundrum for parents who dream: understanding what your child symbolizes, and why this particular child is in the dream. Lynmarie unveils 2 decoding tips, specifically applicable to dreaming parents of more than one child- whether a growing child or an adult child.

Playlist: Dream Elements & Themes. DREAM ELEMENT &THEME symbolism often with example or authentic dreams, interpretations, and often real-life outcomes.
Dreams or Visions Included: none
Websites: ‒ Dream Dictionary, Membership, Courses, Blog
Theme: Christian Dream Interpretation

What we presume to be pizza dreams may the Voice of God providing encoded spiritual insight & Divine guidance through the Holy Spirit. Dive deep into the prophetic realm, where Lynmarie unravels the supernatural world of dreams & visions through the lens of Christian Dream Interpretation. Discover the proven dream interpretation principles & methods of this global authority‒ verified by 2 decades of clinical studies of thousands of prophetic dreams & their connected testimonies. Designed to guide you in unlocking the mysteries of dream interpretation, understanding your dreams, and decoding the language of dreams‒ content assists dreamers in decoding dream elements based on their symbolism & messages. Online website resources include a robust & unique Christian Dream Dictionary, as well as enlightening Courses. Coupling a Biblical with a Spirit-led approach to life can change everything!

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