Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom May 10th - WHO Misses Deadline

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We have some good news on the global front! The WHO's pandemic treaty has missed a major milestone as a deal was not finalized with the partner countries today, May 10th, as was planned. While this is good news, talks are continuing with member countries.

Some key points as to what may have led to the plan failing:
- the UK would not sign saying it would force them to give away a fifth of their vaccines;
- a clause asking pharmaceutical manufacturers to reserve 10% of such items to donate to the WHO, and 10% for the agency to buy at affordable prices to distribute in poorer countries during health emergencies - cutting into their profit margins;
- all Republican senators (49), led by Senator Ron Johnson, have formally urged President Joe Biden to withdraw his support in expanding the WHO pandemic authority.

Read the news release HERE:

Back in Canada, Doug Porter's House petition to exit Canada from the UN which garnered just under 100,000 signatures received a response from Minister of Foreign Affairs, Rob Oliphant.

In his response Oliphant states:
"The role of any Canadian government is to protect Canada and the best interests of Canadians. We must do so on the world stage, and the United Nations (UN) is a necessary and important platform for Canada to exercise its sovereignty, amplify its voice, to influence, build partnerships, and work collectively toward a more just, sustainable, and peaceful world. The current Government of Canada will remain part of the United Nations, and its subsidiary organizations, to accomplish, together with other states, what none of us can do alone". Read the full response here:

The irony at the use of the word "sovereignty" as we are witnessing a global UN take-over of Canada in real time.

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