Agile Cat Jumps Clear Over Her Feline Sister

Published April 17, 2018 499 Views $51.61 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensIf we haven’t told you before, we will say this now. If we took a cat and transformed it into a human, we can say with utmost certainty that she will be good in one of two professions. She can definitely be a masseuse, because have you seen a cat give another cat a good, thorough knead?

Like, check out this kitty. Sitting in their kitty bed, the smaller one, presumably the baby of the bigger one, gives her mama a nice, thorough back knead. The other one is obviously enjoying the treatment, seeing how she blinks slowly and doesn’t move any other muscles. So young, yet already a professional masseuse!

This other cat, however, would probably take on a much different profession. Something equally as quiet, but stealthier, even deadlier. We are talking about ninjas! With the tiny little beansies that are the paw pads on their feet, cats are natural born predators, no matter how domesticated they are. It is in their blood! They can sneak up on pretty much anybody, even their own kin, right from the back, never able to sense them. For some reason they can even silence the bell on their collar, so as not to give away their position.

This cat can definitely be a circus performer. Look at her grace, her skills, her agility! Jumping over her sister while she is chilling on the stool, tucking her legs in like a bird, lifting her tail at just the right moment so as not to even skim the other cat, all the time being watched in amazement. Bravo, cat!

Credit: IG @makinlikeshrimp