Message from Dr. Hotze: Stop Illegal Immigrants from Voting!

1 month ago

Our state and our country are being overrun by millions of illegal immigrants that are being brought here under the leadership of the Biden Administration and the Communist Democrat Party. Over 350,000 were flown in this year alone, from all over the world, by the Biden Administration! The Democrats show them how they can vote and register them to vote. Already 1.2 million illegal immigrants have been registered to vote in Texas. If elections were only among American Citizens, the Democrats would not win. Call Governor Abbott (512-463-1762), Lt. Governor Dan Patrick (512-463-0001), Attorney General Ken Paxton (512-463-2100), and Senators John Cornyn (202-224-2934) and Ted Cruz (202-224-5922). Tell them to "Clean up the voter rolls and DO NOT ALLOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS TO VOTE!" If illegals vote, then we will lose Texas. Once we lose Texas, we lose the Nation!

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