Cool Dog Quickly Loses His Cool When He Realizes He's Being Filmed

AFVPublished: April 17, 2018
Published: April 17, 2018

It is always interesting to see dogs out in the world just hanging out. Like when you go to the grocery store and someone has their dog tied up to a bike rack. I’m always impressed when the dog just sits there doing his thing.

I’ve gotta admit, this is one cool dog. Just look at that pose. He is too cool for school…

The dog in this video is hanging out in a Cadillac Escalade EXT truck. What’s great is the sunglasses that he is more than comfortably wearing. That dog looks like he has been wearing sunglasses for years. But he also wears them casually, as if to say, “So what? Big deal.” I’m impressed that he is able wear the glasses without them falling off. Some close inspection of the video does make it appear as though the dogs have an elastic band that goes around his head. However, it is hard to tell. Honestly, I am mostly just guessing.

But he does NOT like being filmed! What happened to the cool dog?!

The woman filming the dog talks to him and he actually seems pretty cool with her for a few moments. He wags his tail and looks at her with interest. However, at one point he loses it a bit and starts barking and growling at the woman. I’m not sure what he is reacting to as the woman rolls on by. My best guess is the camera, but that is mostly laziness. Perhaps she made a gesture he didn’t like. Or maybe because he couldn’t quite see through the sunglasses he thought it was his person. Either way, this woman is now on his list.

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