Tiny Baby Rhino Enjoys Taking Mud Baths While Playing In The Dirt

Published April 17, 2018 5,085 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is the heartwarming clip of a baby rhino enjoying rolling around in the mud while mom watches on. How cute is that? Rhinos just love to take mud baths and play around in the dirt. It is also one of their favorite ways to cool down. Cuteness overload!

This cheeky rhino calf likes to make use of the muddy waters, and engages in a long mud play as shown in this clip. Watch as this tiny rhino is having a blast, rolling around in muddy waters on a sunny day. Adorable!

Reportedly, rhinos use mud to protect their skin from the sun, to cool off and to ward off parasites. Playing in the mud is hard work they say, but it is very healthy!

Women cracked this technique and started using green clay to protect their skin and enjoy the numerous benefits from mud masks. Mud and clay come from mother nature, which means they are rich in minerals and have healing properties.

Rhinoceros can weigh up to 3,100 lbs even though their diet mostly consists of leaves and twigs. Their thick skin protects them from thorns and their horns are made of hard, fibrous keratin which is the same protein that makes up hair and fingernails!

Adorable footage shows a playful rhino calf laying in the hot sun, taking a mud bath. Although it takes a lot of effort for this big guy to even get up from its lying position, he shows that it was worth it falling into a puddle of mud water. It is no secret that rhinos love taking mud baths, but this calf wanted to make sure he got both sides plenty dirty before storming off for the rest of the day.