Drone Captures Stunning Cherry Blossom Trees In Netherlands

pendragon27 Published April 17, 2018 619 Plays

Rumble / World TravelA stunning drone footage has emerged capturing the magical sight of thousands of cherry blossoms in the Netherlands. A DJI Mavic Pro captures these magnificent cherry blossom in the city of Almere, and the sight is simply amazing! Spring is here!

Drone footage has captured pretty cherry blossoms in bloom in this captivating video. Watch as tens of thousands of cherry blossom tell the story of what is Almere like in spring! Simply beautiful!

Reportedly, these trees came into full bloom earlier because of the warmer weather. The pure sight of witnessing this beautiful cherry blossoms, filmed both from side and from above is truly breathtaking! Share this lovely moment with as many people as you possibly can before these flowers are gone. What a magical experience! This sight is absolutely stunning!

A pink sea of blooming cherry blossoms is attracting waves of tourists to the Netherlands.The famous trees blossom flaunts the magical full bloom, much to our amazement. Captured in all their divinity, these blossomed trees make for the picture-perfect moment! Numerous tourists come to the Netherlands during spring just to witness this flower phenomenon!

Enjoy the drone flight over this never ending orchard of cherry blossoms that looks like it was hand-painted by an artist, resembling an untouched paradise. These stunning and beautiful cherry trees blooming in the Netherlands are magnificently filmed from above using a DJI drone. Seeing these sights in person is definitely something you need to add to your bucket list immediately!