"Hungry Dog Jumps Up and Down Trying to Get at Thanksgiving Turkey"

5 years ago

"Thanksgiving is such exciting holiday for the entire family! And when I say the whole family, I mean even the canine family members! If you think that dogs don’t care about Thanksgiving and expressing gratitude all that much, this hilarious video is here just to prove you wrong! We can all agree that the famous Thanksgiving dinner is definitely one of the things we all look forward to the most! Mmm, that yummy turkey! Just thinking about it makes my mouth all watery. How can you possibly resist that delicious traditional dish? This funny little doggy definitely cannot! This sneaky little pooch has just made his way into the kitchen hoping to get a preview of the delicious turkey. How funny is that? He’s jumping up and down hoping to reach the kitchen counter and grab some of that yummy dish! LOL, how adorable is this hungry pooch? Too cute for words!"

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