Elderly Skateboarder Dominates Downhill Slalom Competition

Published April 17, 2018 317 Plays $0.70 earned

Rumble / Extreme SportsA curious video has emerged of an ageless skateboarder performing swift slalom techniques on a skateboard during a downhill competition, blinding onlookers with his insane skills. Bravo!

With his 40 years of practice, this ex-slalomer springs a surprise to the young guys at a downhill slalom competition in Portrush, Northern Ireland. He's still got it! His skills are beyond impressive!

Many skaters pick up their first board when they are in their teens, or even younger. On the other hand, there are later skaters, people who get interested in skateboarding later in life. While there is no easy age limit for skateboarding, it all comes down to how healthy they are.

Footage shows an elderly man rocking his skateboard like a roller-villain, while performing impressive slalom moves on a downhill competition. Did you know that the new symbol for midlife crisis is the skateboard? This graying member tries to reclaim his youth and rebellious streak by hopping back on a skate, much to crowd’s amusement.

At the beginning of this clip, we see a silhouette approaching the camera, performing wild slalom moves while moving downhill avoiding obstacles in a skateboarding competition. Moments later, we realize that the master of this skateboard is actually an elderly man who manages to maintain his cool on the skateboard, leaving the audience in awe. Watch how he spins and twirls on the moving board. Amazing!

Watch as this skateboarder in Portrush, Northern Ireland does the unexpected and performs some smooth moves on his skateboard leaving onlookers in awe! Can you believe how fast he spins and keeps his balance on the board? Old habits die hard! He definitely proves that you can never be too old to have fun on a skateboard! Incredible! There's still life in the old dog!