Fun Math: Fast Math Trick in Multiplying Numbers Using Lines/Love Math/Enjoy Math/Math Shortcuts

Published April 17, 2018 3,135 Views

Rumble Did you hate math as a kid? Had you been wishing that math is not one of your subjects in school?

In this video, Mehdi demonstrated how to multiply numbers really fast using lines. This math trick is said to have originated in Japan. Before teaching this to kids, it is recommended that they should have memorized their multiplication table already because one they come to know this trick, they will never attempt to master their multiplication table at all. This trick is so precise that you do not need a calculator to multiple more than 2 digits multiplicand and multiplier. That is amazing, you might say. Amazing as it is, the downside is that children will not take the pain of committing into their memory what is 7x8 or 5x7. They will feel so comfortable just drawing lines. Math is life and life is not always with pencil and paper where one can make lines. If you are in a grocery and you need to calculate 70% of an item worth $80, would you look for a pen and paper.

Arriving at my point, I would like to emphasize that this trick must be used by learners only to confirm if they answered correctly or not. They have to manually calculate their math homeworks.

I have written more about raising kids who will love math and prioritize it over their other subjects in this link:

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