Faith & Freedom: Ted Nugent, Treniss Evans, Kelly J. Walker, & Matthew Rife

2 months ago

Join Shemane along with a powerful lineup of guests, starting with her husband and Rock N’ Roll legend Ted Nugent discussing the importance of self-defense and our God-given right to keep & bear arms. Later, Treniss Evans shares updates on J6 political hostages and sheds light on injustices in the legal system, while Parental Rights Advocate Kelly J. Walker joins to discuss the targeting of conservative parents and the fight for freedom. Stay until the end to learn how the owner of Rife Technology Matthew Rife is curing cancer and vaccine injuries.

[2:54] Ted and Shemane discuss hunting, guns, and politics; Shemane’s personal journey from non-hunter to hunting enthusiast; the importance of hunting families registering to vote to protect their rights and the environment; the importance of family values and self-defense; the Boy Scouts' name change; the accommodation of children's mental illnesses in schools; Ted and Shemane discuss their children's camp Kamp For Kids

[12:50] Treniss Evans returns with updates on J6 political hostages; his J6 experience, advocating for peaceful demonstration, entering the US Capitol, and providing video evidence; spending time in maximum security federal prison, and placed in solitary confinement; injustices in the US legal system, including political prisoners and lack of accountability; the need for equitable treatment of all individuals; exposing the truth; Treniss announces the premiere of an upcoming new documentary

[25:00] Shemane introducesParental Rights Advocate Kelly J. Walker to discuss parental rights and the targeting conservative parents; personal experience with including being arrested for speaking out against Marxist ideologies in schools; questioning the designation of parents as domestic terrorists; the state of America and fighting for what's right; encouragement to get involved in the fight for freedom; how you can get involved and help

[36:30] Owner of Rife Technology Matthew Rife joins to discuss Rife Technology as a potential cancer treatment; vaccine injuries and their effects on the body; a potential solution for vaccine injuries, as a wave field generator that stimulates the body's water structure and hydrates the mitochondria; the suppression natural remedies for financial gain and control; why synthetic products are harmful; where you can find out more


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