14 days ago

Mexico, a failed nation, is at ‘silent war’ with us.

The United States’ worst enemy and greatest threat is not China, nor is it Russia, Iran, or even North Korea. No, our greatest national threat is the failed state of Mexico. Formally known as The United States of Mexico, this land to the south has failed to be a nation in every way imaginable. This makes them a ‘Failed State’.

From their president all the way down to the merchant on the corner, Mexico has failed in every respect. Were it not for the World Monetary Fund’s manipulation of currency, the Mexican Peso wouldn’t be worth the ink, paper, metal, or labour it takes to make it.

At present the Peso is valued at 17 Pesos to the dollar. Yes, the Peso, the ‘Mexican Dollar’ is already hardly worth anything except that the World Monetary Fund has held it up to prevent complete and utter collapse of this sad excuse of a nation.

Barely able to pay a 3rd rate military, a 4th rate police force, and 5th rate politicians and local authorities Mexico has slid into the pit of ‘Absolute Corruption.’ Yes, the corruption is absolute as Mexico’s real leaders consist of about 28 warlords, drug lords, and criminal gang leaders. From border to border and sea to shining sea, Mexico no longer has anyone trustworthy in any public or private office.

Every month gullible Americans and other foreigners go to Mexico to vacation and never come back. For those who do come back, far too many are in body bags or separate containers as the Mexican ‘government’ issues its insincere apologies. “Lo sentimos mucho.” They know that America is weak, and therefore murdering our citizens, torturing our people, holding them for ransom, is without consequence.

From pushing their own people over our southern border, the Mexican ‘government’ facilitates people from all over the world in their trek across our border to where the Biden Administration works overtime to scatter these people all over the nation. Yes, from sea to shining sea and border to border our president and his flunkies work to make it almost impossible to find, let alone deport, these felonious trespassers we call Illegal Aliens.

Hardened convicts, drug addicts, mental cases, terrorists, thieves, murderers, rapists, and villains of every stripe are pouring into our country, and most are coming through our nearly non-existent southern border. Beware of Mexico for they are the enemy!

Tener miedo. Ten mucho miedo.

I’m Max, and that’s the way I see it!

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