Baby On Ultrasound Gives The Thumbs Up

AFVPublished: April 16, 2018
Published: April 16, 2018

Pregnancy is an exciting, stressful, joyous, painful, miserable, happy, changing time in a woman’s life. Those nine months feature a panoply of emotions.

Ultrasounds can be tense, exciting moments during a pregnancy. It’s the first time you really get to see the life you are creating…

To be honest, we have always known what an ultrasound was. However, we never actually looked up how it actually works. So, we did some research. The term ultrasound is a sound that occurs at frequencies greater than 20 kHz. Humans have an upper limit of about 20 kHz for their hearing. This is mostly due to limitations of the middle ear. The ultrasound or medical sonography is a medical imaging technique. The risk-free technique uses sound to create images of organs or in this case fetuses. What it does create short electrical poses at the desired frequency between 1 and 18 MHz. The sound wave is partially reflected by the layers within the human body. This reflection is how you get the images.

As this ultrasound goes on, the baby decides to give his parents some good news with a VERY friendly gesture!

Apparently, the baby fetus in this video wanted his parents and the doctor to know that everything was going A-Okay with him and mom. While the doctor is performing the ultrasound you at one point see the baby give the thumbs up sign. The doctor pauses the video and everyone gets a chance to see the baby’s gesture. It is great and adorable and everything looks to be on the up and up with the baby. The family and the medical practitioners all share a laugh over the baby’s gesture. It’s great, heartwarming moment.

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