Smart Dog Scratches His Own Back With A Rope

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Published: April 16, 2018

There are plenty of dogs in this world who are supremely lazy and won’t get up for anything. Of course, there are plenty of humans like that as well. That said, there are dogs who will take matters into their own paws and get stuff done without waiting for a human, somewhat against how they’ve been instinctually trained to live with us.

This dog has an itch that needs scratching and he’ll do anything to get it done…

We have read a few studies over the years about the relationships between dogs and humans. Of course, we know that dogs have been with humans for at least 12,000, or in one study we read, 33,000 years. Needless to say, but dogs and people have hung out for a long time. Part of that cohabitation relationship as created a specific instinctual need for dogs for humans. So, dogs don’t actually look to each other to problem solve like a wolf would. Dogs actually look to people for leadership and guidance.

No human hands around? No problem for this pup and his genius dog mind!

This dog does not look to people for his problem solving. His rump itches and he wants it scratched. So, he finds some rope and decides that the rope will give his back a good scratching. Grabbing the rope, the dog pulls it along his back to get the friction going. It probably helps that the rope appears taut enough that the dog is actually scratching himself with the tight rope rather than just rubbing slack rope on himself. Good for this little guy. He took the mater into his own paws and took care of himself. We wonder what else he is capable of!

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