Anti-Israel Campus Protests Overpower Democratic Party (Ep. 115)

1 month ago

Anti-Israel protests on college campuses have continued for 3 weeks due to weak leadership. The Democratic Party and college administrators have caved to protesters and are being overpowered.

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00:00 Introduction
00:21 Brief Recap of Protests
02:20 Protests May Ruin Biden Reelection
04:29 Protests Have Overtaken College Campuses
09:06 Commencement Ceremonies Cancelled
14:00 Severe Penalties Are Necessary
16:29 Protestors Support Hamas Terrorists
18:14 Destruction of America From Within
20:58 MOB Rule By Radical Left
23:07 Weak Leadership Continues
25:07 Do Not Give In To The MOB
25:52 My Final Thoughts
26:31 End Card


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