He May Be Tiny But This Baby Is Already A Budding Riverdancer

Published April 16, 2018 66,545 Views

Rumble You know how proud new parents can be, going out in the world with their offspring, shouting at the tops of their lungs how special and super smart their kid is. To a parents, their kid is, in fact, the smartest, kindest, cleverest, most dexterous kid they have ever seen. It is quite normal to say so; in fact, it is expected. Their kid draws the best, knows math the best, but if we had any say in all of that, we would say that THIS kid is definitely the greatest dancer of them all. Don’t believe us? Check out this clip!

Lying on his changing mat, the kid looks wide eyed at the lens, arms spread across, as the camera pans out to a wider shot. The music starts with a gentle, subtle intro, not giving away much. The babe gives us a sly, toothless smile as the rhythm picks up, gives a few taps with his tiny, chubby feet and...he is off!

Look at those moves! Look at the posture! If we didn’t know better, we would definitely think this is a baby video of Michael Flatley, the man that started Riverdance! Tapping his little feet, the baby keeps up with the tempo, steady as she goes. He’s got the choreography down to a T!

He may be tiny, but this kid is bound to one day be the Ultimate Lord of Dance! Bravo!

Credit to 'Drewdawg80'

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