"Little Boy Falls Asleep in Shopping Cart"

Published April 16, 2018 11 Views

Rumble "Who doesn’t like shopping? I mean it’s just one of the most exciting activities ever! However, spending hours and hours in a shopping mall or a supermarket sure be exhausting. And if you are a toddler whose parents decide to go shopping right in the middle of your precious nap time, it can all get a lot worse. This video shows the cutest example of the expression shop til you drop! As the video begins, you can see a cute toddler boy sleeping in the seat of a shopping cart seat in a supermarket. Oh, you poor thing! How adorable is he? You can tell that he’s finding that cart seat the opposite of comfortable because he can’t help but move in his sleep. He even nearly falls over in various directions before he eventually rests his head on the bar in front of him. Oh, how precious is this little boy? Absolutely adorable!"

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