Adopted Pup Experiences Her First Run Off Leash And It Is Beautiful

Published April 16, 2018 107,847 Plays $234.81 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all know and love Max and Katie, the Great Danes. The adorable duo have their own means of entertainment, which means that they mostly lounge around their owners’ pool or look for squirrels in the yard. They are amazing siblings, so much so, that their owners decided they should be rewarded with a new addition to the family.

Everyone, meet Ellie. The sweet <a href="" target="_blank">Great Dane</a> is loving her new home and freedom, which is pretty evident from this heartwarming video. Watch as she goes for her first run off leash on her new property and plays with big brother Max. You can feel Ellie's joy as she runs and plays. Even a minor wipe out on some leaves doesn't slow Ellie down!

Her adopted brother Max is out in the back, keeping a watchful eye on his new sister, while Ellie is finally enjoying her life. He gives his best shot at keeping up with her enthusiasm, but we think it is pretty safe to say that no matter how hard he tries, he won’t be able to grab a hold of her. Freedom must be really awesome, after being kept in a cage for a long period of time.

We love videos like these, showing dogs that were finally adopted into good and loving <a href="" target="_blank">forever homes</a>, with people who will take excellent care of them. Knowing how great a life Max and Katie are living, there is not a shred of doubt that Ellie will live happily ever after.