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Feud of the Range is a 1939 American Western film produced and directed by Harry S. Webb and written by Carl Krusada. The film stars Bob Steele, Richard Cramer, Gertrude Messinger, Frank LaRue, Jean Cranford and Bob Burns. The film was released on January 15, 1939, by Metropolitan Pictures Corporation.

Railroad representative Clyde Barton, in a bid to clear settlers from the Los Trancos valley for a railway line, collaborates with Dirk to instigate a range war between the valley's main ranchers, Tom Gray and Harvey Allen. Their scheme involves engineering conflict to force the ranchers to sell their land to them, intending to profit by selling it to the railroad. Sheriff Waters, recognizing the escalating danger, calls upon Tom Gray's son Bob to intervene. Deputized alongside his loyal companion Happy, Bob sets out to halt the conflict and restore peace to the valley.

Bob Steele as Bob Gray
Richard Cramer as Tom Gray
Gertrude Messinger as Madge Allen
Frank LaRue as Harvey Allen
Jean Cranford as Helen Wilson
Bob Burns as Pop Wilson
Budd Buster as Happy
Jack Ingram as Clyde Barton
Charles King as Dirk
Duke R. Lee as Sheriff Cal Waters

Directed by: Harry S. Webb
Screenplay by: Carl Krusada
Story by: George H. Plympton
Produced by: Harry S. Webb
Starring: Bob Steele, Richard Cramer, Gertrude Messinger, Frank LaRue, Jean Cranford, Bob Burns
Cinematography by: Edward A. Kull
Edited by: S. Roy Luby
Music by: Frank Sanucci
Production company: Metropolitan Pictures Corporation
Distributed by: Metropolitan Pictures Corporation
Release date: January 15, 1939
Running time: 55 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

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