Japan To Ban mRNA As Turbo Cancers Among Vaxxed Skyrocket

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1 month ago

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Turbo cancers are exploding among the vaccinated according to Japan’s leading oncologist who has slammed the mainstream media and Big Pharma in the West for covering up the extent of the medical crisis engulfing the world.

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Masanori Fukushima was ordered by the Japanese government to investigate why excess deaths skyrocketed in Japan in recent years.

His findings were conclusive: mRNA has destroyed immune systems and opened a Pandora’s box of autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and infections.

The Professor has a dire warning for those in the West – do not listen to mainstream media and Big Pharma as they are not engaged in science, but rather a eugenics experiment, and they have proven themselves to be enemies of the people.

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