MAGA is Forgetting That You Win Elections by Addition not Subtraction | In the Foxhole with Karen Kingston & Jeff Dornik

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This episode of In the Foxhole with Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik takes a different route than normal. Most of the show is focused on the 2024 Election and why both Karen and Jeff are supportive of Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign. They detail their criticism of Trump’s messaging when it comes to Covid-19, which should actually work in his favor, if he were honest. His contract with Pfizer required a safe and effective vaccine, which would they did not deliver, and would give him the perfect opportunity to throw them under the bus. Unfortunately, he’s digging his heels in.

Jeff and Karen highlight the primary issues that they are voting for the next president to deal with: illegal immigration, dismantling the intelligence agencies, an America First foreign policy, breaking apart the corporate capture of the regulating agencies and bringing back fundamental human rights. While Trump was a phenomenal president, the case is made that Kennedy’s platform is equivalent to, if not better than, Trump’s platform on these foundational issues.

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