Defending the Vote: Election Integrity at AMAC Boot Camp

2 months ago

Listen in on a critical discussion on election integrity with industry experts at the AMAC Bootcamp For Boomers event in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This enlightening episode features seasoned professionals like Hogan Gidley, Heather Honey, and Andy Mangione, who bring decades of experience to the table. They go over recent successes in election law, the pitfalls of ranked choice voting, and the powerful influence of voter mobilization.

Whether it’s understanding the technicalities of election laws or the real impact of voter ID debates, this panel is packed with insights and strategies for safeguarding the integrity of our elections. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in maintaining a fair electoral process.

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MUST WATCH SUNDAY! AMAC's Bootcamp for Boomers Special premiers on Real America's Voice. Tune in Sunday, May 5 at 4pm EST!


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