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22 days ago

Lizzo is a morbidly obese individual with a chip on her shoulder and as a result she is damaging the psyche and the lives of a lot of young women all over America.

The body positivity movement is an extremely unhealthy movement aimed at telling morbidly obese people that they are fine and beautiful just the way that they are and that they should do nothing to fix their obesity.

It is in everybody's best interest to do what is healthy no matter how difficult it is instead of taking the easy route out which is being morbidly obese and then blaming Society because you are alone. Obesity is not attractive and you will not get a mate being obese. Obesity also kills which is why very few morbidly obese people make it past the age of 45

It is time for all of us to grow up a lot and walk away from These Foolish left-wing ideas. You want to meet you better be fit. You want to live, put down the fork.

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