Did Joe Biden Make a Big Blunder in American History?

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22 days ago

The Joe Biden Administration has decided to make a big blunder in American history.

They have made it illegal to criticize the Israeli regime. America was number one in the world because of freedom of speech. When you are free to say whatever you want then ideas begin to flow and your economy grows.

The administration are all in full panic mode knowing that Donald Trump will most likely win this election and lock them all up. In order for them to distract you further, they have to take more of your rights away so they copied what Canada has done and now banned speech about certain subject matter.

It is a good idea for Americans to begin fighting this now because if you do not take up the battle to get back your freedom of speech, no matter what side of the argument that you're on, keep in mind they will continue to take more of your rights away until you have none left.

I have told you all before I don't give a crap who wins this stupid argument and I don't want any more time wasted in the media talking about it but because you foolish Americans have decided to take the side of Palestine and Biden is losing power over you because of your foolish behavior, he has decided to outlaw it.

America, you would be wise to make sure that every single Democrat in office never takes office again because this is just the beginning of the removal of all of your rights in the future.

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