"Hilarious Corgi Dog Runs in Circles"

Published April 14, 2018 260 Plays

Rumble "Dogs are such hilarious creatures and we all love them to bits. Even though everybody has their own preferences when it comes to breeds, Corgis are one of the absolute faves. Here's a fun fact about Corgi dogs. In so many ways, they are just like cats and they absolutely love chasing anything that moves. It's so funny how the Corgi from this video seems to be chasing himself! How excited is he running in small circles around that little tree? This little Corgi might be hoping to catch himself! How funny is that? To be honest, there’s almost something oddly satisfying in watching him run in perfect circles. It seems like he could go on and on like this forever! I’m not even sure whether he doesn’t want to stop running or he just doesn’t know how to stop anymore! Either way, he’s just absolutely hilarious, if you ask me!"