Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You - Episode 21

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#10 - US Senators (49) drop a bombshell on the World Health Organization.

#9 - YouTube DELETES Eva Vlaardingerbroek's historic speech exposing the Great Replacement agenda.

#8 - Dr. Phil breaks his silence on the Trump sham trial.

#7 - James O’Keefe drops bombshell undercover video exposing the CIA.

#6 - Michigan senator goes viral after issuing dire election fraud warning.

#5 - The money going towards Ukraine is not to defeat Russia but something far more sinister, according to a former Bush official.

#4 - Shocking internal documents expose the CDC’s COVID vaccine death cover-up.

#3 - The United Nations is promoting the idea of declaring a “planetary emergency,” and it’s even more terrifying than you think.

#2 - Donald Trump slams Jack Smith after bombshell documents prove coordinated legal assault by Biden DOJ.

#1 - MP Andrew Bridgen issues a chilling statement on the death toll of the COVID-19 injections. (Watch the Interview)


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