How Micheal B. Jordan Got Super Lean In Only 4 Months For Creed 2!

4 days ago

How Micheal B. Jordan lost a ton of fat and got shredded in his role as Adonis Creed in Creed 2! Micheal B. Jordan worked out in the gym hard to get jacked for his role in Creed 2 but a lot of the muscle he built for the role was actually made during his prep for Black Panther! For Creed 2 he worked with his long-time trainer and friend Corey Calliet and in 4 short months they cut down a lot of the body fat Micheal B. Jordan had put on for Black Panther while keeping most of the muscle that was built! In this video, I'll be telling you how to work out and eat to lose fat like Micheal B. Jordan! I'll be sharing some key tips on how you can shred fat and get some good fat loss going!

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