The Roseanne Barr Podcast-Guns And Chardonnay-Ad Free!

2 months ago

Episode Description:
Armed with a 9-millimeter and a gross overpour of chardonnay, Roseanne is finally back at home in her true element with her trusty sidekick (and elder-abusing son) Jake Pentland. Roseanne gives behind-the-scenes access into her latest scandal involving Joe Biden and Bergdorf and blows Jake’s mind with her Lex Friedmanesque “AI vs. AI” theory. There is a reason why some fans of this show prefer the mother-and-son combo to high-level guests…. It’s like hanging out with your own family. Sit back, load up, pour a glass, and enjoy!

I’m a fan of the Roseanne Barr Podcast. Here’s the latest episode without ads! ;-) Enjoy!

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